Simple, Stable Networks Extend the Power of Connectivity

Education spans K-12 and college campuses, from individual schools to districts, to institutions of higher learning. With constant funding pressure, players in this market need simplicity and stability above all. Tellabs Optical LAN Solution provides true WAN/LAN convergence for technologies, networks, services and applications delivered over fiber across districts, campuses and schools. Students enjoy Optical LAN’s high performance and high availability access to school resources, including cloud, Wi-Fi and e-Learning applications over a future-proof fiber-based infrastructure. Schools have the confidence in knowing that they are deploying an established technology that provides LAN simplification, scalability and monetary savings. Those savings can be repurposed back into school resources needed to improve the overall educational experience.


Higher Education Optical LAN Overview

Higher Education — Tellabs Optical LAN Solution centralizes intelligence and management to improve campus IT operational efficiencies, network uptime and security. It eliminates telecom rooms, reduces LAN mid-span electronics, purges cabling and associated materials, thus positively impacting school’s sustainability “green” goals. Optical LAN’s superior security is important to support credit card transactions (PCI compliance), on-campus healthcare facilities (HIPAA compliance) and student records. Tellabs Optical LAN helps higher education CIOs, IT staff, faculty and students keep pace with LAN growth and keep pace with technology.

K-12 Optical LAN Overview

K-12 — Tellabs Optical LAN is the smart choice for K-12 to provide smart IT for the campus, classrooms, labs, offices, libraries, sports facilities, cafeterias, book stores and multi-purpose rooms. It enables cost-effective scalability for voice, video, video conferencing, collaboration apps, e-learning apps, Wi-Fi, cloud services, tablet access and centralized data center over fiber-based infrastructure. Tellabs Optical LAN’s superior optical reach enables the creation of “private LAN” design across the school district where one central location (e.g. district office, high school) serves multiple peripheral locations (e.g. middle schools, elementary schools).