The Tellabs® Optical LAN solution improves LAN availability uptime, increases operational efficiencies and network security. The Tellabs® Advanced Availability Software Package helps build LANs that minimize annual network downtime while lowering costs, reducing human error and improving security. The Tellabs® Advanced Operational Software Package improves IT efficiencies by increasing the speed of LAN configurations, monitoring, troubleshooting and MACs while once again reducing human error and network security risks. The Tellabs® Advanced Security Software Package enhances physical LAN defensibility, enabling consistent protection policies that are centrally managed while continuing to reduce human error and increasing network stability. And Tellabs® Software Release Package enables LAN resources to be defined in software and then dynamically allocated, based on real-time needs assuring policy and procedure consistency independent of human and geographical location impact.


Tellabs Advanced Availability

Tellabs Advanced Availability Software Package builds on Passive Optical LAN’s centralized intelligence and management for less human-to-machine in favor of more machine-to-machine actions.

Tellabs Advanced Operations

The goal of the Tellabs Advanced Operational Software Package is to empower IT staff to work smarter, be more productive and ultimately gain wider business productivity. It accomplishes this goal by introducing simple processes and procedures that scale with consistency and repeatability.

Tellabs Advanced Security

The Tellabs Advanced Security Software Package starts with the management of powerful protection measures at the physical layer, the data layer, user level and port level. This provides centrally controlled network security management that ensures consistent policies and procedures for HIPAA- and -compliant LANs and deployment in the most protected government and military networks, including those with JITC, I3MP/I3C2, CTTA, UCR, STIG and FIPS requirements.

Tellabs Base Software Release

Tellabs Optical LAN solutions simplify LANs by centralizing intelligence, management and control across the LAN. The Tellabs Base Software Release Software Package is the brain that supports this modern high-performance LAN. The Base Software Release Software Package controls all operations of Tellabs equipment, including all OLTs (e.g., OLT1150, OLT1150E, OLT1134, OLT1134AC and OLT1131AC) and Tellabs’ extensive family of optical network terminals.