Tellabs has a long history designing Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) for use in high-volume PON commercial deployments. Tellabs fourth generation Optical Network Terminals deliver narrowband and broadband subscriber services cost-effectively over a PON platform to the IP/Ethernet end-points. This means that all services are supported natively over a single fiber, including analog voice, VoIP, high-speed data, IP video, RF video, smart buildings apps, security, surveillance, environmental and automation for modern high-performance LANs.

  • Tellabs® 120W Mini ONT providing 2-port IP/Ethernet with PoE and flush in-wall mounting
  • Tellabs® 120C Mini ONT serving 2-port IP/Ethernet with PoE and in-cubicle mounting
  • Tellabs® 140C Mini ONT providing 4-port IP/Ethernet with PoE+ and in-cubicle mounting
  • Tellabs® 705GR ONT serving 4-port IP/Ethernet, 2-port POTS and desktop mounted
  • Tellabs® 709GP ONT providing 4-port IP/Ethernet with PoE+ and desktop mounting
  • Tellabs® 714G ONT serving 4-port IP/Ethernet, 2-port POTS and outdoor mounting
  • Tellabs® 728GP ONT providing 24-port IP/Ethernet with PoE+ and rack mounted
  • Tellabs® 729GP ONT serving 24-port IP/Ethernet with PoE+, 24-port POTS and rack mounted


Indoor, in-wall and in-cubicle mount

Tellabs 100 series mini Optical Network Terminals (ONT120C, ONT120W, ONT140C) revolutionize access with a new form-factor. You can install them in standard 1-gang or 2-gang electrical boxes in walls or raceways of modular cubicle work environments. These indoor mini ONTs serve 2-port and 4-port Gigabit Ethernet with visually appealing flush in-wall or cubicle mount options.

Indoor desk mount

In the Fiber-to-the-Desktop architecture, you can install single-mode fiber as close to the subtended Ethernet/IP device as possible. These indoor desktop Optical Network Terminals (ONT140C, ONT705GR, ONT709GP) typically serve 4-port Gigabit Ethernet with free-standing, vertical or horizontal mounting options.

Indoor rack mount

In the Fiber-to-the-MultiDesk architecture (also known as Fiber-to-the-Communications-Closet), you can install single-mode fiber to the telecom closet. You can rack mount the 24-port Gigabit Ethernet in this 1 RU Optical Network Terminal (ONT728GP, ONT729GP) inside the closet in a standard telecom rack.

Outdoor wall mount

In classic service provider FTTP architecture, Optical Network Terminals (ONT714G) can help deliver triple play services to homes and businesses. Tellabs manufactures an outdoor environmentally hardened group of ONTs that you can mount externally at residential housing (such as campus housing and military housing), remote buildings and remote warehouses.