Tellabs has vast experience in providing equipment suited for Outside Plant (OSP) deployments. The product offering includes OSP products, including cabinets, power solutions, protection and kits for many turnkey solutions The Tellabs Telco Access products are engineered for outdoor deployments and designed to withstand harsh environment. The Outside Plant solutions include cabinets of multiple sizes up to 1000 line configurations to meet the individual deployment requirements.



The Tellabs Outside Plant Cabinets are environmentally controlled and support the Tellabs 1000 Channel Bank Assemblies (CBAs) with fan shelves, protector panels, charger/rectifier, and batteries. Tellabs OSP cabinet series enables service providers to cost effectively deploy high densities of broadband services such as xDSL The cabinet line incorporates the latest environmentally controlled design technologies to meet broadband demands for hardened outside plant cabinets. Tested to GR-487 CORE and have a documented level of performance with respect to noise level, salt fog, transportation, dust, and water intrusion.

Heat Exchanger and OSP Retrofit Kits

The Tellabs 1000 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP) 500 Watt Universal Heat Exchanger (500 UHX) is a one-piece, aluminum fan unit that can be attached to virtually all existing third-party and Tellabs cabinets. The 500 UHX gives existing cabinets improved thermal capacity and allows service providers to deploy additional equipment and xDSL cards. The Tellabs 1000 Multi-Service Access (MSA) Series Retrofit Kit is a cost effective solution for revitalizing stranded plant for a variety of existing third party cabinets using either 19-inch or 23-inch racks. The Tellabs 1000 Retrofit Kit provides all of the features and functionality of the Tellabs 1000 System enabling service providers to cost effectively deliver voice, data, and video services from a single platform. The retrofit kit can be used to add POTS, ADSL, ISDN, or other enhanced services to first generation DLC systems that have reached capacity. The Tellabs 1000 Retrofit Kit provides an economical way to extend the life of existing DLC investments without forklift replacement.