The Tellabs Panorama™ EMS offers a complete management solution for the Tellabs® 1000 Multiservice Access Platform (MSAP), the Tellabs® 1100 MSAP, the Tellabs® 1000 Voice Gateway (VGW) and the entire portfolio of Tellabs® Fiber Access Solutions products. The feature-rich Tellabs Panorama EMS is available in both Solaris™ and Windows® operating environments and offers a full suite of management capabilities, including user management, configuration management, performance management and security management. It also supports remote upgrades, service fulfillment, service assurance, remote back-up, remote capacity and inventory reporting.


Graphical User and Northbound OSS Interface

The Tellabs Panorama Manager provides an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and online help utility, enabling users to accomplish complex network element activities through simple point-and-click operations. The Tellabs Panorama offers a complete view of the entire network on one screen. The Tellabs Panorama Manager also supports views of third-party elements and any product with an IP address can be displayed for easy identification. Icons are color-coded for easy recognition, and drill-down capabilities offer easy traceability from an icon at the system level all the way to card specifics for quick problem identification and resolution. Tellabs Panorama also hosts a suite of North Bound Interfaces (NBI) that enables service providers to automate back-end office operations.

FCAPS Capability

The Panorama EMS provides the capability to consolidate alarms in a color-coded, easy-to-read spreadsheet and can be readily sorted or exported for graphing. Alarms can be viewed, acknowledged or cleared from one screen. Filtering can be set, based on type, IP, severity or any other alarm attribute. On-line troubleshooting is available with hot-linked documentation for Tellabs products in the network, which offers quick online access to information pages for specific alarms to promote quick resolution. The easy-to-use GUI supports provisioning of TDM, ATM, IP, voice, data, business services and special services. Provisioning is done by services rather than technologies. To provision a service, users simply select the endpoints of the service and the appropriate name of the profile. The Tellabs Panorama EMS supports a role-based security model. System administrators define which operations are associated with each role and then assign users to specific roles. This allows the service provider to customize and control what operations a specific user can perform.