Tellabs® Panorama™ PON Manager is the cornerstone of an Optical LAN end-to-end system. It provides centralized intelligence and element management across the entire LAN, from OLT to optical network terminals (ONT) and extends to subtended powered devices. Tellabs secure PON Manager helps define LAN resources in software and then dynamically allocate them, based on real-time requirements. The Tellabs PON Manager provides LAN agility with:

  • Templates and commissioning wizards that speed installation with plug-‘n’-play actions.
  • Discovery and end-to-end network views for quick actions and resolutions.
  • Consistency that eliminates errors, improves security and lowers LAN downtime.
  • Portability across buildings, campus and all managed LANs.
  • Automation to speed provisioning and moves, adds and changes.


Installing your LAN

When first installing your Optical LAN system, the Tellabs PON Manager enables you to quickly establish users’ roles and privileges. Templates and commissioning wizard help ONT initiation and “plug and play” installation and automation. The Tellabs PON Manager then provides unified control of subtended powered devices (PDs) and their initiation and automation. Services and applications can be provisioned with speed and consistency using the Tellabs PON Manager templates and wizards.

Managing your LAN

Day-to-day LAN management is simplified with the ability to perform fast Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC), leveraging global profiles and templates for consistency. For service and application MACs, the Tellabs PON Manager provides tools to scale the process across a campus or across thousands of end-points. The centralized remote management and proactive performance monitoring assures end-to-end network visibility, while the events, alarms and troubleshooting tools drive quick responses and fast resolutions. Finally, an option for Web-based, iPad and tablet management interfaces provides advanced search, service/app management and troubleshooting capabilities.

Automating your LAN

The Tellabs PON Manager’s automation capabilities reduce human errors, lower LAN downtime and improve security. With the automation of backup/restoration, reports/analytics and leveraging higher-level software-defined network management, CIO and IT pros can effectively reduce mission-critical repetitive tasks to zero dollars.