Tellabs Telco Access products support Ethernet transport and service end to end, including Ethernet to the core, Ethernet within the system and Ethernet service drops. The product portfolio includes Gigabit Ethernet interfaces toward the core network, across interterminal transport and 10/100 Ethernet, and drops to end users. The transport interfaces are ideal for high-capacity applications or for use in interfacing with embedded Ethernet equipment. Tellabs’ 10/100 Ethernet interfaces provide ideal support for business customers and mobile backhaul.


10/100 Ethernet

Tellabs’ end-to-end Ethernet solution provides direct Ethernet access to the Internet. The solution is ideal for businesses. The 10/100 Ethernet product can serve offices locally from dedicated equipment rooms via copper over industry standard 10Base-T or can be provided from a node in a business park over fiber optics. Whether it’s over copper or fiber, the Tellabs 10/100 module provides businesses with the capacity to download and upload large files and to interact over the Internet with high-bandwidth applications, such as video for video-based collaborative conferences.

Gigabit Ethernet

The Gigabit Ethernet capabilities in the Tellabs Telco Access products provide high capacity over standard Ethernet interfaces. The Gigabit Ethernet products are used to uplink to the IP cloud from central office terminals (LETs) or directly from remote terminals. In addition to providing interconnection to the Internet, Gigabit Ethernet is also available as interterminal interfaces to support end-to-end Ethernet solutions for all services, analog, TDM, ATM or Ethernet based. If video services are provided, the Gigabit Ethernet products provide a superior solution and host features such as IP Multicast to support high-bandwidth utilization and optimized channel changing to enhance the end users' service experience.